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Alastair Hall

"I thoroughly enjoyed working towards and completing the course by Bruce Norman. He was extremely knowledgeable, always willing to help and made sure we both got equal amounts of help and tutoring. I would recommend this to anyone, whether it is employment related and they are in a workshop with the need for the knowledge of this program, or whether it is just a hobby and they just want to draw up things at home. Again, much appreciated Bruce."

Garreth Robinson

"I decided to sign up for an Autodesk 3D modelling Inventor course. After much research of other such types of training provided by various companies in the country, I felt that I made the right decision to sign up with the Institute 4 Drafting & design. That feeling was fully justified after completing the 8 week course taught by Bruce Norman. His hands on approach style of teaching is very productive and I felt very “accomplished” after completing the course. I would recommend this course to both novice and experienced professionals in this industry."

Ian Ross

Manager at WM Ross Engineering Ltd, Kawerau.

The AutoCAD course I have completed recently through i4Drafting, has surpassed all my expectations. My intention was to learn how to draw basic engineering items using AutoCAD to compliment our Engineering Machine Shop. In reality, I have learned a lot more than I expected to, including Developments, some design work and Architectural drawings.

This course has helped me with my Engineering business and has opened the door to many more opportunities for my company and myself to pursue.

Sarah Smith

I recently completed the AutoCAD course and passed with excellence. It was such a good feeling learning something new.

I hadn't studied since high school so was nervous that I wouldn't keep up for a while. Bruce was an excellent tutor giving us clear instructions and a huge amount of patience. Anything I needed to ask I could and knew Bruce would do his best to answer it for me - no matter how stupid!

I would recommend taking a course through i4drafting & design to anyone.

Bob Ebermayer

At the end of 2009 I enrolled in the 12 week course for a Certificate in Computer Drafting & Design run by Bruce Norman.

I rate it very highly. The course was very well organised and well planned.

My circumstances were special and Bruce was very happy to modify the schedule to make sure I was able to complete the course as required.

The course is designed for people serious about drafting and Bruce makes it challenging and gives you a comprehensive understanding of what is required in the Industry. Bruce leads by example so be prepared to put the effort in. If you are serious about drafting this course is good value.

Paul Farrah

I work as a Building Inspector for Rotorua District Council, where my main role is confirming construction drawings comply with the New Zealand Building Code and the construction complies with the drawings. I am reading different sets of plans every day for all aspects of construction. Thus I am very aware of what the current construction industry is capable of producing and what CAD systems are being utilised. The Main system used in the industry is the AutoCAD programme which is taught on this course.

I attended this course as a student. I wished to update my existing limited CAD skills so I could put these with my existing draughting skills and construction knowledge to produce working drawings for construction projects.

The course gave me the knowledge and skills that I required and met all my requirements. It also introduced me to Mechanical Draughting and the industry standards and programmes available for this side of the industry.

I have attended many courses in my professional career run by both military and civilian organisations. This course run by Institute 4 Drafting & Design Ltd was run in a very professional and structured manner. The lectures were conducted in a friendly environment which encouraged the students to share their knowledge and promote learning.

I have recommended this course to colleagues and people in the construction industry who wish to learn how to utilise AutoCAD to produce their own sets of plans.

Susanne du Bruyn

After years of resisting change and being faithful to my drawing board, I decided that it was high time that my Architectural draughting skills joined the 21st Century. I thoroughly investigated all my options for doing part time AutoCAD® Courses. After having had a telephone conversation with Bruce Norman from the Institute 4 Drafting & Design Ltd, I was convinced that this course would suit my needs.

Bruce and Phillipa were fantastic. They encouraged me all the way, offering extraordinary help and support that went above and beyond the boundaries of the course.

I never believed that I would be able to complete the course, but Bruce didn’t doubt me for one minute. Thank you.

I look forward to doing Inventor AutoCAD® in the future with Bruce and the Institute 4 Drafting & Design Ltd.

Mike Holdaway

Bruce is an excellent teacher of AutoCAD® who makes sure you don’t get left behind if you don't get it the first time. But he also makes sure the rest of the class isn't waiting.

Susanne and Mike both completed the course with Excellence and are now in new employment positions using AutoCAD®, Susanne as a Project Co-Ordinator in an Architectural Firm and Mike in an Engineering Company.

Gina Donelley

I am 39, a mother of two and had not been engaged in study since leaving school in 1989. I had been thinking about doing a CAD course for over 2 years, and I spotted an advert in the local paper, CAD Course starting, 30th March. I thought this is a perfect course for me, the duration and time of the tutorials, would suit my busy lifestyle.

I have always been interested in houses and floor plans but had never completed any formal qualifications. I picked up the phone and had a good long discussion with Bruce, I was treated as an individual and that this program was just what I needed to put my dreams into action.

Soon after starting the course I began to think where to after this, and was inspired thanks to Bruce, to extend my vision and do a National Diploma in Architectural Technology.

Thank you Bruce for your support and encouragement, you have a real passion for teaching, good luck with your future programs.

I certainly will never forget this first step in what will be an enjoyable journey for me, I am truly grateful this has really changed my life and my future.

Grant & Sue Rowles

After 30 years as an onsite sheetmetal trademan, a debilitating medical condition put an end to a 'hands on' career. Completing the Auto Cad Course provided a technical extension to a lifetime of skills and restored Grant's confidence and personal self-esteem. His new-found technical skills have provided a worthy change of direction and advancement from his original career. We are eternally grateful to Bruce and Phillipa for their valued support and knowledge.


"A very well run course on AutoCAD with Bruce as an excellent tutor and I found it a huge benefit to my job. Well done, Bruce & Phillipa." - Roger Iliffe, Extrusion Design Solutions.

"Great course, well run and organised. Many thanks." - Steve Lake

"I found Bruce to be a patient teacher who was a breeze to work with. Bruce had us all drawing within a couple of lessons which progressed with each lesson. Thanks Bruce." - Terry Skinner

"Bruce is a very patient tutor. He explains course work very clearly and understands some people learn at different levels to others. Very enjoyable - almost a social outing." - Garth Henderson

"Having not used CAD software at all previously, I was surprised by how much progress could be made in short time through working with the structured learning material, coupled witht the excellent support from both Bruce and Phillipa". - Brett Waghorn, ESP Technologies.

"Bruce and Phillipa, thank you for the opportunity to explore a long time interest which I have incorporated both personal development and Business interests. It is a good foundation on which I shall build upon. I am confident enough to use what I have learned and have already won my first contract by using AutoCAD drawings that I have done." - Paul

"The Course was thoroughly explained and very well tutored. Great to be able to contact Bruce during the week for further explanations."

"Highly recommend the Course. Really enjoyed it." - Erica

"Great course, excellent tutors. Feel as though it will be very valuable for me looking into the future."

"The course was excellent fun and money well spent."

"Having very limited computer skills I have really learnt a lot. Bruce and Paul were very easy to work with and always willing to help." - Arthur

Garreth Robinson.

Garreth Robinson.

Alistair Hall and Tom Steiner.

Alistair Hall and Tom Steiner.

Tutorial in Matamata.

Tutorial in Matamata.

Bob Ebermayer in a tutorial.

Bob Ebermayer in a tutorial.

Sarah Smith in a tutorial.

Sarah Smith in a tutorial.

Paul and Gina in a tutorial.

Paul and Gina in a tutorial.

Gina Donelley.

Gina Donelley, Rotorua

Mike Stuit, Susanne du Bruyn, Luis Faria, Mike Holdaway.

Mike Stuit, Susanne du Bruyn, Luis Faria, Mike Holdaway, Tauranga.

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